Long distance interview

We are excited to share our exclusive interview with Krisztián Liszka, the mastermind behind the long distance courses!

1. What makes a good route choice?

A good route choice has at least 2 (preferably 3) different, but seemingly equal routes. In my opinion it is even better if one of them is slightly better than the other.

2. What was the most challenging in your course setting?

For me, there were many difficulties during the course setting. For example that I live far away from the terrain and I couldn’t just go there and check it out any time I wanted. It was also challenging to take all the requirements regarding the organization criteria into account, including TV spots, refresment points and many other small details that affected the course setting.

3. What are your experiences as an elite athlete?

As an elite athlete I had the honor to participate at WOC 2013, 2014 & 2019, and EOC 2016 running long distances and relays. I also competed at WUOCs and some World Cups, mostly forest races. I completed some very tough courses there which gave me inspiration to the EOC 2024 long course.

4. What is the key to perform well on the race?

Physical strength is key for sure, while good route choice and accurate orienteering is also essential. A good distribution of power will also be important.

5. What’s your message to the athletes?

Train hard and enjoy the EOC!