Thrilling attractions

Explore these thrilling attractions in close proximity to the official EOC 2024 accommodation, Villapark Várgesztes, which conveniently shares its location with the Event Center.

With just a little walking (or running), you can easily access two ancient fortresses, Gesztesi Vár and Vitányvár, both dating back to the 13th century, offering a glimpse into Hungary’s medieval era. For a deeper dive into the region’s history, we recommend a visit to the Oroszlányi Mining Museum. Here you can immerse yourself in an authentic setting, engage with interactive exhibitions, experience a realistic mine environment, and enjoy a guided tour. Just a short distance from the museum lies Majkpuszta, home to the former monastery of the Kamaldul and the Eszterházy family’s hunting lodge, each of them counting with its own fascinating and unique history.

Gesztes Castle, a small ruin from the sky, in the forest.
The buildings of Majkpuszta, a  former monastery.

For a tranquil retreat and picturesque scenery, we suggest a visit to Lake Bokodi, often referred to as a “floating village” or “unfreezable lake.” This enchanting place has captured the attention of photographers worldwide, thanks to its vibrant fishing lodges perched on stilts. Serving as a cooling reservoir for the Vértes Power Plant, the lake has evolved into a veritable fishing paradise.

Bokod Lake, small houses and  fishing lodges on the lake.
Part of a mining museum.

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